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CAPPUCCINO Shmoo milkshake with dark rum

Even though we thought the Shmoo cappuccino milkshake couldn’t be improved any further, someone added a shot of Dark Lamb’s Navy Rum

chocolate milkshake with Baileys topped with squirty cream

one of our new lines of alcoholic shmoo’s this one is a chocolate flavoured milkshake with Baileys, if you like Baileys then you gotta give this a try!

Stella Artois 4 x 440ml cans

a delicious taste of lager, this is a 4 pack of 440ml in cans

Stella Artois 440ml CAN

you get one 440ml can of Stella Artois lager

Strongbow Dark Fruit 4 x 440ml cans cider

A 4 pack of 440ml cans of DARK FRUITS CIDER in cans

Strongbow dark fruit cider 1 x 440ml can

strongbow dark fruit cider 1 x 440ml can

Strongbow Oringinal Cider 440ml 4xcans

The ultimate in cut-through refreshment. The most famous cider on the planet. Strongbow’s famous refreshment is characterised by its bittersweet, Herefordshire apples – sharp and tangy with lively effervescence and a crisp dryness.



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