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Boss Burger with salad

Featuring one from our Beast Burger range. The Boss Burger stacks up a quarter pound flame grilled cheese burger topped off with a delicious southern fried chicken burger. this burger comes with salad

Clinton’s Beast Burger ( No Salad with this burger)

Featuring Clinton’s Beast burger. We start off a quarter pound flame grilled cheese burger, then we add a southern fried chicken burger, bacon and hash brown. this burger does not come with a salad

Jay’s Burger (No salad with this burger)

Another one of our Beast Burger range range, introducing Jay’s Burger. two flame grilled cheese burgers, two hash browns and topped off with barbecued pulled pork. this burger does not come with a salad


This is a new item/new line burger. this burger has a bed of lettuce with 1/4 Cheese burger,pepperoni,sweet chilli mayo, topped with BBQ pulled pork